Our Wealth Creation and Empowerment Agenda

THE KINGS MULTI-PURPOSE COPERATIVE SOCIETY is a registered business incorporated with every relevant authority in Nigeria. with the quest for PURE WORK OF GRACE LIMITED to expand as much as it can and to be of value to her investors and the general public, giving them equal opportunity to save and invest in her programs and become self dependent financially, hence the introduction of THE KINGS COPERATIVE SOCIETY. The company through this savings and investment program is
1Aimed at encouraging saving culture among people especially the Nigerian youths, hence it’s a national program. 2The investment company for the kings is then known as “THE KINGS INVESTMENTS AND LOANS MULTI-PURPOSE LIMITED.
3Unlike other cooperatives, the kings also have a unique feature termed “SAVE TO INVEST PROGRAM” this simply means that the money invested in the cooperative is been paid back to her members as interest immediately an anticipated project flags off.
4Unlike the other cooperative societies, the uniqueness of the kings is the backing given by PURE WORK OF GRACE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a multinational marketing agency, known for her speed in brand promotion and customized marketing strategy. PURE WORK OF GRACE LIMITED also has as her shareholders major industry players and notable individuals including senior staffs of major higher institutions in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Project Plan/Strategy

1 Creating the wealthiest youth in our Generation

2 Creating the most inspired youth in the society

3 Raising up financially independent youth potential leaders for our Nation

4Bringing the low income earners to a place where they can be partakers of a lifetime returns on investment

5Complete extermination of  poverty from the grass roots.

  • The denominations in the contributions ranges from #50 to #500
  • Savings Duration ranges from 45days to 365days
  • After contribution (either in installment or instantly) the project has a kick off time of between two to three weeks.
  • The interest paid to the investors is estimated to be 30% of the grass root profit.
  • Participants are only entitled to profit from businesses established with their batch fund.
  • Contributions are fixed and cannot be refunded to participants
  • Registration fee is determined by the committee but is placed at #200 for a start.
  • Because our incorporation works mostly FCMB, all members are advised to get an account with this bank to ease the payment of interest and its possibly and easily done in any of our offices. (persons without any means of identification can also enjoy our influence in account opening)
  • Opening balance of bank account is #2,000n and an administrative fee of #200 is charged from the cooperative and the balance remain #1,800 belonging to the participants.

To enable this project reachout to the category of Low income earners, the inoperation has structured the investment and savings programe in such a way that people can participate with amount as low as 50Naira  Daily to become part of the project.
Investment Category / Return on Investment (ROI)
            STANDARD                                                                                         PREMIUM
Category1: 50x45Days = #2,250                                                               Category1: 100x45 = #4,500
Category2: 50x90Days = #4,500                                                               Category2: 100x90 = #9,000
Category3: 50x180Days = #9,000                                                             Category3: 100x180 = #13,500
50x365Days = 18,250                                                             Category4: 100x365 = #36,500


            MASTER                                                                                              GOLD
Category1: 200x45 = #9,000                                                                     Category1: 500x45 = #22,500
Category2: 200x90 = #18,000                                                                   Category2: 500x90 = #45,00
Category3: 200x180 = #36,000                                                                 Category3: 500x180 = #90,000
Category4: 200x365 = #73,000                                                                 Category4: 500x365 = #180,000


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