A Big Thank You To All Our Wonderful Investors In Nigeria And Around The World!
Pure Work Has Now Officially Started Her Transport Company! Wow! Great Gbam Gbam News For Our Able Investors!
Brief Business Description:

  • The Transport Shall Be For Both Local Route And National Route.
  • A Professional Manager Has Been Appointed By The Incoporation To Run The Transport Business
  • A Professional Lawyer Well Versed In The Business Has Been Assigned To Prepare And To Pursue All Legal Procedure Concerning This Matter.
  • The Transport Project Shall Also Include A Hire Purchase Plan.

Hire Purchase Frame Work

  • The Hire Purchase In This Case Took Ma Different Approach.
  • Each Driver Is Required To Make An Initial Deposit Before Signing The Lawyers Agreement Form.
  • Whatever Is Left Is Paid Up Within 18months From The Time The Business Starts.

Recent Success!

  • Our First Local Bus Was Released At The Rate Of 2 Million Naira.
  • The First Driver Made An Initial Deposit Of 400,000 Naira.
  • The Company Has An Instant Profit  Of 800, 000 In This Venture.
  • All Mini Bus Were Purchased From Taiwan By Our Resource Person And Registered Car Dealer.

Our High Way Buses Were Purchased At The Rate Of 1.8 Million Each.

  • Our High Way Buses Are Released At The Rate Of 2.8 Million.
  • High Have Capacity To Route Lagos And Other Parts Of The Nation!( Don’t Be Surprised To Enter One.
  • Initial Deposit Of 500,000 Deposited By The First Driver Which Covers About 40% Of The Profit.
  • Same Goes For Others.

Risk Management.

  • The Profitability Of Every Business Must Be Tied To The Professional Management Of Risk.
  • Even Though The Initial Deposit Has Covered Some Percent Of The Profit, The Bigger Part Of The Money Is Still At Stake.
  • What If An Accident Occurs? What Happens To Investors Money? Get Answers Down!
  • What If Vehicle Is Lost?

Advantage Of This Plan!

  • Up To 50% Of The Profit Is Gotten Immediately.
  • Due To The Strong Legal Procedure, The Security Of The Business Is Assured
  • The Driver Clears Almost 5% Of The Remaining Bill On Monthly Bases So Recuperation Is Sure.
  • Vehicle Insurance Takes Care Of About 50% Purchase Capital So Investment Risk Is Reduced To About 50%.
  • Every Driver Accepted By The Company Must Be Sure To Meet At Least 80% Risk Management Requirements By The Company, Which Includes But Not Limited To ; Bvn, Full Account Details, Full Verification Of Relatives Place Of Domicile, Up To 3 Gurantors And Permision To Sieze Properties Owned By Driver  Directlly Or By Relatives If A Breach Of Contract Occurs.

Investors Benefits And Design

  •   The Investment Opportunity In This Segment Is Divided Into Two Categories.
  • Local Route Mini Bus Investment: Investment Capital Of 600,000 Naira With An Application Fee Of 20, 000 Naira.
  • The High Way Bus Investment: Investment Capital Of 1.1million Naira And An Application Fee Of 25,000 Naira.
  • Insurance Coverage Reduces Your Risk Or Loss To 50% In The Case Of Unforseen Contingency (Accidents Beyond Repair).
  • Duration Of This Package Is 18 Months.
  • First Profit Is Paid 30days After Investment.
  • Subsequent Profits Are Paid At 45 Days Interval.
  • For A Mini Bus(Local Route) First Deposit After 30days Is 70,000, Subsequent Interest Every 45 Days Is 40,000 Payable For The Period Of 10 Months.
  • After The Period Of Ten Months, This Contract Shall Enter Into A Capital Recovery Mode.
  • On The Twelveth Month, 40% Of The Investment Capital Shall Be Ready But Only For Augmentation And Re-Investment By The Investor. If No Re-Investment Is Initiated,The Company Shall Assume That The Investor Is Ready To Recover Capital At The End Of The Contract.
  • For High Way Route The Initial Deposit Is 100,000 And Subsequent Deposit Is 65,000. (Note All Other Rules For The Local Route Shall Also Apply To The High Way Route.

Your Financial Freedom Is Our Mission!


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